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AT&F Solutions Ltd are extremely pleased to announce that Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Services have chosen them to partner in a new staff fire training initiative, aimed at providing a cost effective fire training solution to the many businesses in the county of Staffordshire.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Business Support Unit

Offering low cost sustainable training

Whether you are 'self employed, SME, or large Corporate Company', our aim is simple; to provide you with an approved fire safety training module that helps you fulfil your requirement under the RRO, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Latest Award 2013: Fire Safety

Silver award for providing fire safety to the business community within Staffs, collected by John Berisford at the House OF Commons - January 2013.

How to obtain a fire training licence - click to contact us

Types of licence's available; from a single user to multiple users

SME's and Company Licence's have 12 months unlimited access, along with free use of our Scorm Compliant Management System

Never before has it been so easy or cost effective to deploy and track your fire safety training - now you can train your entire workforce and stay under budget.

SCHOOLS FIRE SAFETY PROMOTION - If you are a school and you are looking for a dedicated fire training module aimed at teaching all your staff, then we have just the program for you....'ITLOF schools edition' is brigade approved and endorsed by the Arson Task Force. All schools automatically qualify for a discounted rate under our educational licence.

AT&F Solutions has worked with a number of other regional fire authorities including WMF Arson Task Force to produce a dedicated fire safety training module.

Our latest partners are Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Services - ATF Solutions in conjuction with Notts Fire are producing a dedicated online Fire Risk Assessment module designed to help SMES achieve compliency for thier fire risk assessments.


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