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Please note our Flash based courses will not run on IPads; Apple does not suport Flash.

Quick Tip: If you cannot complete one of your courses in one go, simply close and exit the course in order to save your bookmark. Do not leave a course open with no activity as the connection to our secure servers will be closed and you run the risk of not bookmarking your progress or score.

When I try to run a course all I get is a blank white window!

I cannot advance past the first page! CPD certificate page

First time user - How do I register?

I don't see any courses assigned to my name!

How do I launch and track my courses?

How do I print my certificate?

How does book marking work, and what if I want to re-do my test paper only?

How do a complete a risk assessment for DSE or Manual Handling?

How do I change my personal details - location, department, user id etc?

I have Passed my test paper, but my score has not recorded!

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Q: When I try to run a course all I get is a blank white window!


A: Please note that access to your new ‘training home page’ is via SECURE server, this means that all data is fully encrypted and your web address should look something like this

 ‘XXXXXX’ representing your ‘unique company number’ NOT Disclosed in this user guide

If the ‘s’ is missing you will not be able to ‘launch’ any of the courses, instead you will see a white blank window appear where the course content should be!

Example below showing your web link minus the 's' (however, whilst the course window is showing the 's')

To correct this logout, make sure your main web link contains the ‘s’ in the address bar, if it hasn't’t type it in after the http:// to look like https://  

If the course fails to load check that you have FLASH player installed along with the correct system spec as listed below:

system spec for webportal

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Q: I cannot advance past the first page! example below

No navigation buttons!

A: This is more likely to be that your screen resolution is set to 'LESS' when it should be set to 'MORE'.
TO increase your screen resolution do the following (or if you dont wish to change your screen settings press F11 first to see if this shrinks your sceen size):

For all Windows, 2000/XP etc click on your control panel icon (start menu) then click on (1) 'Display'' (2) Click on your settings tab, (3) increase your size to 'more'; then click on apply

display screen - increasing your size to 'more'

For VISTA users; you can right click your desktop, as per example image below, then click on (1) display settings (2) increase resolution to 'high' (3) then click 'apply'

Vista increasing screen resolution

When you go to re launch the course again you should see that the course window is now smaller and floats inside your home page, as per example below; also the navigation buttons are now visible.

Screen resolutions set to more, thus showing the course windo in its correct size


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Q: First time user - How do I register?

A: Registration: 
To self register please click on the Register button as seen in image 1 below (please note some accounts may have the Registration Button missing) If this is the case then your Account Manger will register you and provide you with your User ID and Password

Registration Page
image 1

Once you click on the Register button you will then be presented with a registration form (image 2) all fields must be completed including a valid email address if you have one, this can be your works email or a private one, i.e. hotmail or yahoo  (if you don’t have an email address you can leave this BLANK.

However, if you later forget your Password you will have no means of retrieving it.

This is a onetime registration, choose your own User ID and Password; next time you visit WebPortal simply login, using your chosen ‘User ID and Password’ as selected by yourself - or your manager, if your manager has pre-registered you.

Please note your password is encrypted when you type    

Next time you login simply type your user ID and Password at the login screen above, and click LOGIN

Image 2

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Q: I don't see any courses assigned to my name!

A: If you see the image below this means that your manager or account administrator has not yet activated your department for receiving licence's - please contact your line manager and inform them that your department is not yet selected for courses.

No courses assigned !


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Q: How do I launch and track my courses?

A: Once you have successfully registered you will see your home page (image below) from here you can start your course tutorial by clicking on ‘View Tutorial'

This will take you to the course launch page; simply click the launch course link.  Should you need to exit at any point from within the course you can always return to the same page by using the Book Marking feature.

course home page image

There is simple test at the end of each course tutorial.  However, some courses such as DSE or Manual Handling have a separate Risk Assessment Module.   In order to complete the risk assessment module, simply click on the separate ‘Risk Assessment’ button

To view your history at any point, click on the View History button, this will bring up a new page showing how far you have progressed with the course or if any risk assessments have been completed.

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Q: How do I print my certificate?

A: If you have completed a tutorial and test paper, this will also show up on your history page along with a print certificate option if you have passed your course test paper then you can print your own certificate from this page.

History screen image below showing option to print certificate - click 'Certificate' this will open up your print window in order to select your preferred printer, an example of the certificate window will appear

 example of your history page with certificate print option



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Q: How does book marking work, and what if i want to re-do my test paper only?

A: Book marking is automatic, each time you exit a course, the system will remember your last page. Next time you login and launch that course, it will offer you a choice; start at the beginning or at your bookmark,

If at any point you wish to retake your 'test paper' you can do so; if you have a 'pass' result then the course will start from the begining again, however, if you have a failed result, you can retake the test paper only......

course complete example

If you wish to revisit a completed courses i.e. to re-sit a test paper or do refresher training you can.

Simply click on the launch button as normal, a popup box will be displayed if you have failed your test!

The message will say ‘If you want to start at the beginning click OK, or Cancel’ as in the example below.  

By clicking CANCEL you can access to the course menu and select the course 'assessment' section which will permit you to re-take the test paper without having  to re-do the course from the beginning.  If however, you click OK you will make the course compulsory, thus starting from the begining again.

Taking a test paper again!

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Q: How do a complete a risk assessment for DSE or Manual Handling?

A: To launch the risk assessment do so by clicking on the Risk Assessment button under your course Tutorial button as seen in the example below. (DSE / Manual Handling only)

launch risk assessment

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