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Educational licence 4 schools

RoSPA elearning offered by AT&F SolutionsOur educational licence is specifically aimed at our school clients only.

We have various course bundles linked to our latest Educational licence that allows schools of all types, including MATS, Independent, Council Managed or Academies/Trusts with full access to our entire course library with unlimited use.

Why is this offer so unique?

Unlike all our other pricing bands, this offer is geared towards educational establishments only, and is tailored to meet your exact requirements in order to provide compliant training to ALL staff.

We are working with a number of local authorities who are supporting us in order to provide a 'best practice' policy in health and safety.

We are also supporting several regional fire authorities in promoting fire safety into schools; our award winning course ITLOF for schools is provided free of charge to all our school clients under our entry level licence.


Other benefits include CPD learning credits as part of your online training progress:

'A commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence'.

Regardless of industry or sector, everyone is now required to undertake CPD. As we predominantly work in knowledge and service economies with fast moving technologies, the updating of skills and knowledge is critical in keeping abreast of industry changes, maintaining professional competence and ensuring that qualifications do not become obsolete.

Anyone who is a member of a professional body or institution are automatically expected to do CPD as a requirement of individual membership. In addition, most employers now require all their employees to undertake CPD regardless of role or responsibility.

The CPD Certification Service primarily supports organisations looking to provide CPD certified training activities to either external delegates, or internal employees. For information on preparing and delivering Certified CPD activities click on 'CPD and Organisations'.

When undertaking CPD, individuals are now expected to engage in a wide variety of training activities and learning experiences. The CPD Certification Service's experience and knowledge of its members who regularly provide CPD activities, has enabled us to develop advice and pointers to individuals looking to undertake their CPD effectively.



RoSPA eLearning by AT&F SolutionsAll our eLearning courseware carries full RoSPA approval and offers up to the minute accurate content for all health and safety related material. AT&F Solutions have now trained over several million students with our courseware, helping to promote safety within the workplace and beyond. Our library of eLearning content continues to grow and we are committed to helping our clients achieve compliancy for their own in-house training requirements, and we are proud to do so via our association with RoSPA.

For more information n how to obtain and qualify for your educational licence please contact our office or e-mail

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