Open Training Zone
Single users can now purchase licence's from only £14.90
per user.

This is a simple pay as you train, low cost, and very flexible training solution for SINGLE users..

Company users or SME's should look at our options for quantity licence's.

Ideal for single users or small business owners (i.e. less than 10 Staff) wishing to fulfil their own legal responsibilities regarding work related 'H&S training' i.e. If you have 2 staff then you simply purchase 2 single licence's, if you have 5 staff then you purchase 5 licence's.

online health and safety training for single users, low cost training at your fingertips

Key benefits:
ATF webPortal is a fully hosted and managed training environment designed for large clients; however, our Open Training Zone is aimed specifically at individuals..

Now you can enjoy instant access to recognised and approved training material without the need for any ongoing cost; its as simple as 1,2,3.

  1. Select your course/s
  2. Pay for your licence
  3. Start your training once you receive your personal login details.

You simply pay for the individual course that you choose to select, this can be a single or a multiple choice, as you can group your titles together under the same login.

Individual Licence's - Open Training Zone (Web Access) Click To Buy

Single User Price
1 licence
From £14.90
Single User Price
1 licence

All courses are CPD certified and come complete with a test certificate on completion of the final assessment paper (you may take this test paper as many times as you wish) This is a self print option for successful candidates

all courses are CPD certified

HSE is our flagship course and contains 6 modules in one. For this course we will also provide you with a second CPD certificate dedicated for this course alone. Please request this to our staff when purchasing your HSE training licence

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